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A couple of collocations for jobs, career and work (1)

If the topic  of IELTS writing module or PTE writing is something about the work or job, what kinds of adjectives or verb would you like to use? In this post we have come up with a number of useful tips about these collocations.   It can be helpful to get someone else’s opinion on […]

Useful nouns and adjectives to describe festivals in IELTS or PTE exams

There are times that you need to explain festivals and events in Writing or Speaking task of IELTS or PTE. Here, we have gathered a couple of good words which may come in handy in some scenarios in PTE and IELTS exams. By REC services we provide home-based practices for PTE and IELTS writing and […]

Improve your vocabulary knowledge for the PTE and IELTS – envisage

If you would like to learn a new word which is useful for IELTS and PTE, you can have a look at this post. Preparing for the IELTS Speaking exam? In REC online speaking preparation for IELTS and PTE, you have a chance to speak to an experienced IELTS or PTE trainer. For more information Visit the […]

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