Functional vocabulary for IELTS and PTE – unprecedented

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It is very important to use proper collocations and phrases in different context for different topics of PTE or IELTS. For example, for the banking and financial issues you need to use its own terminology. Although it is somehow difficult for non-English speakers to know all the required terminologies for all contexts, you can learn them through reading, and […]

Practice for IELTS and PTE by famous quotes

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For writing a strong PTE or IELTS essay, you have to merge a variety of well-organized sentences as the components. For this reason, we recommend you to take advantage of quotes and saying which generally are good examples of a well-organized sentence. Moreover, you can prepare a list of quotes for IELTS and PTE speaking to repeat […]

A Common Error In IELTS and PTE – Neither of

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In this post we have come up with a common English usage error which is frequent in IELTS and PTE tests as well.  Here we teach you how to fix these mistakes and avoid making them. This post can be very useful in speaking and writing modules of IELT and PTE tests. In Real Essay Checker we address the common problem […]

Learn special tips and techniques for IELTS and PTE exams

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One the best techniques to learn useful phrases and expression for PTE or IELTS writing and speaking is to read and learn famous quotes. If you aim to get a high score in IELTS or PTE writing, you need to practice and write essay on different topics. Afterwards, definitely you need to assess your writing […]

Useful PTE and IELTS tips on sounds that humans make

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In different situations people make different sounds. In PTE or IELTS topic, you may face various subjects. That’s where you need to have proper words for the related context to write in your PTE or IELTS Writing test. Also, in routine communication you need to know these verbs. By REC services we provide home-based practices […]

Develop your writing and speaking skills in IELTS

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The more you study and read English materials, the better sentences you will organize and write. This issue is really important in IELTS writing and speaking. Specifically, where you need to have less grammatical and vocabulary errors. Here you can read a quote which has helpful grammatical point and tips. Try to copy this style of […]