Punctuation in PTE and IELTS writing -part 1

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If you wish to get a high score in PTE or IELTS writing test, you should not overlook the importance of punctuation. Here, in the next three posts we will mention the punctuation marks and give some examples about their function. full-stops( . ) is used at the end of a sentence. e.g. He dismissed suggestions they would be lenient on clubs that flout the […]

What is topic sentence in PTE and IELTS writing?

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Hi guys! I am sure when you were studying tutorial materials of PTE or IELTS writing, you have come across with the expression of “Topic Sentence”. Basically what is it?! Today I am going to teach you about it! Topic sentence is actually your main idea which is expressed clearly in the beginning of your paragraph. […]

Marking Criteria for IELTS speaking test

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In IELTS speaking test, the examiner will assess you by the following factors: Your vocabulary knowledge and the use of sophisticated words Correct and accurate grammatical structures of your sentences The way you organize your idea and other information about your daily routine How much you are coherent in your answers Your fluency during the […]