Top collocations about walking used in IELTS and PTE

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Hi Guys, today we are going to teach you some words (often two or three) that are commonly used together. Actually this combination is call collocation and learning the patterns of using these collocations would be of great benefit for both the writing and speaking modules of IELTS and PTE. In the following you can find some adjective and […]

A list of helpful adjectives and adverbs to learn for success in the IELTS and PTE

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Hi guys! Happy new Year! Today I am going to talk about some useful adjectives and adverbs associated with walking! Basically, in order to communicate more efficiently and powerfully in English use more specific descriptive adverbs and adjectives that can boost your IELTS and PTE scores. During the PTE or IELTS Speaking exam you may be asked to describe particular […]

Correct Pronunciation – PTE and IELTS speaking marking criteria

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Hi guys, today I am going to give you a lesson on preparation for IELTS and PTE speaking test. Correct pronunciation in IELTS speaking module makes up 25% of the total marks. However, the original pronunciation of some words are similar to each other. For example the pronunciation of “dew”, “do”, “doo”, and “due” are somehow alike. In PTE […]

Useful collocations for IELTS and PTE writing about apologies and excuses

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Here we have provided some helpful collocations concerning apolgy and excuse. Actually, the more collocations you use, the better score in IELTS and PTE writing you will get. They are a considerably important part of English and having a wide range of useful collocations will assist your English sound natural. Speaking and writing modules are two challenging parts of IELTS and […]