PTE and IELTS Tutorial – Useful phrases for speaking

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This lesson shows you some helpful sentences. In fact, in IELTS speaking test you may face topic about phone conversation and telephone calls. Actually,  the sentences list below are essential for IELTS speaking academic or general training for high score, because they contain very useful expressions and phrases on telephone contacts and conversations. The examiner needs to see a range of related […]

Useful phrases and vocabulary for IELTS and PTE

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In this post we offer you a good sentence containing helpful expressions and words for IELTS and PTE writing and speaking. If you think you are not sure about the correctness of your PTE and IELTS essays, we can help you by our editors and proofreaders: IELTS and PTE Essay Editing If you are so […]

Functional vocabulary for IELTS and PTE – unprecedented

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It is very important to use proper collocations and phrases in different context for different topics of PTE or IELTS. For example, for the banking and financial issues you need to use its own terminology. Although it is somehow difficult for non-English speakers to know all the required terminologies for all contexts, you can learn them through reading, and […]