Useful PTE and IELTS tips on sounds that humans make

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In different situations people make different sounds. In PTE or IELTS topic, you may face various subjects. That’s where you need to have proper words for the related context to write in your PTE or IELTS Writing test. Also, in routine communication you need to know these verbs. By REC services we provide home-based practices […]

Structures for IELTS writing Task 1-Useful language for explaining how something works

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In writing Task 1 module of  IELTS Academic you may be asked to describe an object, event or sequence of events, or process (how something works, how something is done). This task assesses your skill to find the main features to write about a process. The key to success in this test is having a good knowledge of useful expressions and vocabulary in […]

Lesson on IELTS and PTE writing – Examples of topic senetence

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In the previous post ( I explained what the topic sentence is and what the main features of a good topic sentence are. In this post I am going to give four examples of good topic sentences. I am sure you know that topic sentences are generally written at the beginning of body paragraphs of […]

IELTS and PTE vocabulary lessons

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If you want to get high mark on Task 2 of the Academic IELTS and PTE writing test, you should master lots of PTE and IELTS key words. The word “juncture” is among these useful words. Try to learn and then use it in a sentence. IELT or PTE candidate with poor fluency often experience speaking as a laborious and difficult […]

Top collocations about walking used in IELTS and PTE

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Hi Guys, today we are going to teach you some words (often two or three) that are commonly used together. Actually this combination is call collocation and learning the patterns of using these collocations would be of great benefit for both the writing and speaking modules of IELTS and PTE. In the following you can find some adjective and […]