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As an experienced English teacher who is now an Engineering post-grad student in Sydney/AU, I can assure you that you will easily beat English if you have a teacher who has already passed this way!

Fluency in English is challenging but do not worry I did it once. As a non-English language person I got overall 8 in an IELTS academic test in my first IELTS exam and I know how to help you to get it now. I tried different strategies and tips for IELTS and after almost a year trial and error I found the efficient, non-time consuming and most importantly enjoyable ways of getting high band score in IELTS!  I found out some ways to make the journey of beating IELTS more enjoyable, a journey full of joy and sense of achievement.

So, if you want someone to be with you as a motivation coach, just contact me. We can hold our 1-1 classes together!