1-on-1 IELTS classes in Sydney

Get the high score in IELTS by joining REC 1 on 1 private class. In REC Teacher Assistance classes you are supervised by our experienced teachers while practicing a skill. Your first session is free.

1 on 1 classes

One essay (task 1 + task 2) is proofread and edited each session.
Active writing (student and teacher will write a complete writing step by step together).
Active reading (student and teacher will do a reading questions step by step together).
Four IELTS mock exams before the real IELTS exam.

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What is active reading?

Lots of IELTS candidates actually KNOW English but DON’T KNOW the IELTS required skills to answer reading questions correctly. They do understand the reading, do understand the questions but cannot answer all of the questions correctly.  We have found the solution which is through Teacher’s Assistance. REC teacher firstly teach you a skill and then you will practice the skill in the class while are supervised by the teacher. In this case both of you will be assured you have learnt the skill properly and no mistake is probable in the real IELTS exam.

What is active writing?

Though lots of IELTS candidates have rich source of vocabularies, know numerous strong structures and phrases and are aware of writing skills, they do not act good in the real exam. REC Active Writing has solved this issue. Active writing means you and the teacher write a complete writing in a class together.You will be accompanied by the teacher in each section of the writing (introduction, body and conclusion) which will help you to find your unique way of writing fast and appropriately.

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