Free lesson – 8 top tips on PTE and IELTS writing module

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Hi guys today I am going to present 8 key tips which are important in IELTS and PTE writing test.

    1. Read and understand the topic completely. If it has some bullet points make sure that you have read them and you are ging to cover them in your PTE or IELTS essay.
    2. Manage you time. Try to organize your time so that you have enough time to review your writing.
    3. Use linkers and connectors.  If you like to compose a coherent essay you should link and connect them logically.
    4. Use punctuation marks properly. But, watch out!  Because incorrect use of punctuation marks may cause that your sentence convey a totally different meaning.
    5. Have an outline. The best way for this purpose is to have a brainstorm before starting to write and then organise your ideas.
    6. Do not stray from the topic.
    7. do not write too many words. You may lose time because of writing too much.
    8. Be careful about the tense.