A lesson on effective writing – Main features of a good supporting sentence

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What are the supporting details?

In the previous posts we introduced the main features of a topic sentence and we explained that you should take a position at the first sentence of the body paragraph. In this post we explain that you are required to support your stance with facts and evidences!

Fundamentally, the supporting details in a PTE or IELTS essay, helps the reader (or rather examiner!) to understand why the writer has claimed the topic sentence. In other words, supporting sentences argue why the writer (or rather the PTE or IELTS candidate) stated the topic sentence?

  • In your supporting sentence:
  • You can compare or contrast.
  • You can give examples.
  • You can elaborate on your reason for statement.
  • You can clarify your opinion by explaining it.

Remember that as supporting ideas you can write opposing sentences which disagree with a statement.



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