A useful phrase for IELTS and PTE test – Having said that

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In your PTE or IELTS you need to use a variety of structures. One of the helpful ones is “having said that,…”.

“Having said that,…” is a conjunctive phrase which is becoming common in spoken and written English.

This phrase is used to show that you are going to disagree with what you’ve just said or the following statement is different from the previous one. After this phrase you should immediately use a pronoun or noun.

Also, you can use “having said that” in order to moderate the previous statement by adding an opposite or different fact or comment. For example:

  • He is very strict about where to travel and how to travel. Having said that, he is so amiable and sociable who you will enjoy travelling with.
  • It was an extremely difficult exam, having said that, I will hopefully pass it.
  • They are many websites that are more concerned with useless news, having said that they are entertaining at time