Feedback & Testimonials

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Xing, accountant:

“I bought a package from REC and received excellent service. I got many useful tips about my writing style which helped me to score 7.5 in IELTS writing.”

Ahmed, Employee:

“The comments and corrections were above and beyond my expectation. By their services I found my strengths and weaknesses and then focused on them.”

Priya, IT student:

“When I booked for PTE exam I did not want to enrol for an English class because all my skills were good except for writing. Therefore, based on a my friend’s recommendation I bought a package from REC and now I am really satisfied with their editing and proofreading services because they helped me to get 76 in PTE academic.”

Dimitri, Employee:

“After using editing service I think I can write in English more easily, by using the provided feedback my essay are now more organized.”

Manolya, Law student:

“As I was pretty busy to go to face to face class I found their website which offer online services with reasonable price. Their comments are excellent, and it not only improved my IELTS skill but also my English knowledge. Thank you Real Essay Checker!”

Takeru, Software engineer:

“I really appreciate the REC proofreading service which prepared me for IELTS writing module. I would recommend this website to anyone who wants to improve their writing scores.”

Mengling, Student:

“I have tried the speaking service for last few weeks. It was really helpful. My tutor was nice and patient. More importantly, the tutor would correct my mistakes while I was doing speaking exercise and taught me better English words &collocations to express the same meaning. I learnt a lot from this speaking class!~ Thank you!~”