In Real Essay Checker we address the common problem of IELTS and PTE candidates with writing module. It is undeniable that getting high score in IELTS and PTE writing module is a hard job. To achieve this goal you must keep writing and practicing. However, it is not enough because you should find your weaknesses and work on them before you go any further.

In other words, you need someone to check, proofread and correct your essays to improve your score.

In REC, we not only identify the errors in your IELTS and PTE writing, either Academic or General, but also help you to structure professional paragraphs by giving some sample sentences on that IELTS and PTE topic.

In addition to essay editing services, REC provides private classes and online speaking for IELTS and PTE candidates. You can try our services to find out more!

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We are based in Sydney, Australia. You can use below email addresses to email us directory.